Elk Rock

Washington, USA

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46.2965, -122.346 : 1310.0 m

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na. na. There are two principal launch sites in the Toutle River valley: Twin Bowls and Elk Rock. To get to these sites, take I5 to Washington exit 49, then drive east on Highway 504. Twin Bowls is near mile marker 32 on Highway 504. To get to launch, drive 0.2 miles past the 32 mile marker on Highway 504 and park in the small pullout on the right side of the road. Walk southwest over the small hill to the flat berm on the other side at 2,400' MSL. The primary launch is the west side of the berm, although the southeast side can also be used. The usual flight path is southwest along the ridge to the southern-most point, which can often be ridge soared in light wind conditions. Twin Bowls is a good thermal soaring site, with thermals forming in the bowl west of launch and drifting back over the launch berm. The primary LZ (LZ1 in photo above) is the east-west-running dirt road on the valley floor at 1,250' MSL. Don't land off the road because the ground is uneven. It is a 20-30 minute hike from the LZ back up to the highway. To leave cars at the top of the trail up from the LZ, park completely off the highway on the gravel shoulder east of Hoffstadt Bridge. Elk Rock (topozone.com map link) is near mile marker 36 on Highway 504. All vehicular access to the top is now gated and locked. If hiking up, launching from the west-southwest facing log deck at 4100' MSL is still possible but difficult. Launching from the berm on the right side of highway 504 just below elk rock just past mile marker 36 at 3600' MSL is also possible. We have been asked by law enforcement officials not to launch from this berm on days with high vehicle traffic on the main highway (i.e. weekends in the summer) because it tends to draw spectators whose cars create a traffic hazard. Elk Rock is a good ridge soaring site and it sometimes produces evening glass-offs. na. na.

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