Tegelberg - Allgaeu

Bavaria, Germany

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Obligatoire Lancer Direction du vent


47.5599, 10.7798 : 1698.0 m

Zone d'atterrissage

47.5708, 10.7567 : 817.0 m

lever du soleil

7:47 AM

Le coucher du soleil

5:14 PM

Fuseau horaire

Heure d'Europe centrale (+0100)

Great site for sight seeing. Watch the winds carefully. Lots of hang gliders and rigid wind gliders as well. Fly over the castle for fun. You can often thermal/soar up at the mountain southside the castle. In case of good conditions its easy to fly to the Buchenberg in the NE and backwards

Upper takeoff direction NW (besides the cablecar mountain station): Mostly a lot of pilots - you have to queue already prepared for take-off. This can cause quite a lot of sweat. Often wonderful smooth flights with still good thermals in the late afternoon - about 5 pm. In case of constant wind from NE experienced pilots can also take off to NE over a ramp - but first ask one of the locals/tandem pilots if it is safe enough!! lower takeoff (picture 2 & 3)is a bit of a hike from the top, but easy set up. Lower take off is a narrow chute and winds will rotate in there. Watch the winds comming up carefully as there is a rock wall on right side that can cause pain. Be very precise with landings. The LZ is very nicely marked and maintained, but they are strict about patterns and careful landings - no hot dogging near the LZ or they will have words for you. Easy to town, easy to lift, easy to top launch. Lower launch is walk down hill. follow the posted flight patterns - they are strict. follow the posted flight patterns - they are strict.

Gets cloudy quick, rain and fog settle in fast as well.

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17 km
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N 0 5
NNE 0 5
NE 0 5
ENE 0 0
E 0 0
ESE 0 0
SE 0 0
SSE 0 0
S 0 0
SSW 0 0
SW 0 0
WSW 0 0
W 0 5
WNW 0 5
NW 10 0
NNW 0 5