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Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, France

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46.0797, 6.61907 : 1275.0 m

Zone d'atterrissage

46.0717, 6.57759 : 482.0 m

lever du soleil

8:01 AM

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4:48 PM

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Endless XC routes. Acro : Known as Antoines secret training spot. Agy is the take off site above and to the side of the town Cluses. If training acro- the pilot has to make a short flight across from Agy to Chevran. Regardless of the met wind-the valley wind is sucked into Chamonix most good forecasted days when the sun shines, this valley wind displaces up Chevran Mountain in a mix of dynamic&thermic. Making it a mini magic mountain, Chevran is 600M high off the valley floor and in general a pilot on an acro wing would have anything from 600m to 800m vertical once pushing out from Chevran above Cluses. Beware of the diagonal drift towards the mountain in a maneuver. In a rescue situation the trees of Chevran would be the landing point but with a Rogallo, there is space to land below the foot of the Mountain.

Strong Valley wind and thermic gusts. Nice grassy take off area, locals will be flying, read the FFVL site board-it's in French and English. fly straight out from Chevran and about 500m into Cluses you will see a landing area marked with a big T on the grass, sometimes there are camper vans there so make the most of a safe area anywhere in the valley to land. From Cluses-> follow the signs to Les Gets/Morzine. at Chatillon-sur-Cluses, turn right at the sign: Saint-Sigismond. At the end of Saint-Sigismond- turn left and follow the road all the way up to Agy Plane, get to the top of the mountain road and there is a little bar/restaurant - go further up and park by the Radio Tower/Satellite building. delicate LZ! absolutely avoid out-landing!! delicate LZ! absolutely avoid out-landing!!

1 >Bise wind-that strong NE wind that ruins most valley winds can have some effect. 2 >When Northerlies mix with valley wind if forecasted to blow hard, only good for small wings. 3 >Thermic gusts from the town of Cluses when entering the lower level valley wind and a somewhat technical landing if you approach in the peak of the valley wind, nice and smooth landing later in the evening.

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